Caviar or Just Fish Eggs – How do you see yourself? The Essence of Personal Branding

Why is when we are asked to describe someone else our words flow seamlessly, building glowing pictures that showcase exactly what their value is, yet when it comes to ourselves we struggle to string together anything evenly vaguely positive.


Over and again it seems when we describe others they are ‘caviar’ but when it comes to ourselves we are just ‘plain old fish eggs!’


Why is it so hard for us to see our own value? We should be our own cheer squad and yet day in and day out, I hear people underplay what they do with the tired and demeaning old catch phrase – ‘its just part of my job”. 


Nurses hold peoples’ hands in their darkest hours; accountants manage peoples’ life savings, police put their lives on the line for others; and yet universally everyone says “it’s just part of my job”. Every job demands skill and every individual brings their own strengths and value to the workplace and its operations. 


I know what you are saying – that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t do anything spectacular. That’s where you are wrong. I guarantee you that if someone else tried to do what you do they wouldn’t bring the same value that you do. Each person brings their own strengths to the workplace. Whether you are the motivator that glues the team together, the trouble shooter that turns around performance when things are tough or the innovator who sparks ideas, each and every person offers distinct and unqiue contributions.


Still not sure. Ask your colleagues, family and industry peers how they would describe you – I guarantee a theme will emerge that will help you build a picture of your personal brand. Meticulous, articulate, easy going, reliable, a quiet achiever or a visionary?  No matter what it is, wear it with pride! Promote your strengths and display them like a badge.


Now use these strengths to identify where you have brought value to past employers. Build this into your resume, find examples that highlight this in your interview, and promote this in your daily networking.


You are unique. Dare to be You! 

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