About Gillian Kelly

Australia’s Personal Branding Expert 


‘Capitalise On Your Talents. Unleash Your Potential. Live Your Dream!’ is the mantra that Gillian has brought to life for thousands of professionals Australia-wide.

As a passionate marketing specialist, Gillian became increasingly frustrated early in her career watching talented colleagues being overlooked and under-remunerated simply because they didn’t stand out. They had the goods to ‘rise the ranks’ – she knew it and they knew it, but they had missed the marketing fundamentals that ensured management and industry saw it. And so the journey began and Gillian switched her talents to marketing people rather than products.


Since her early days in marketing Gillian’s name has become synonymous with career marketing success and she has gone on to be one of the most credentialed career practitioners in the world. She is on track to be Australia’s first Reach Personal Branding Strategist and her capacity to market her clients through clearly branded resumes saw her become a distinguished recipient of multiple awards in the highly coveted international “Toast of the Resume Industry” Awards.


As an active industry member Gillian’s career advice and work are featured in numerous books and software products globally and as a career sector trend watcher, she is regularly sourced by leading newspapers, radio stations, career sites and wikis as a career topic expert and speaker. Gillian is also a member of the CDI Resume Writer Certification Panel, International Committee and is a CDI Ask-an-Expert. She is also one of only 12 Certified Expert Resume Writers worldwide and a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia. 


But is Career Edge right for you? It’s an important question and one you are wise to ask when engaging a coach to partner in such an important step in your career. The good news is Gillian’s clients are restricted by neither industry or occupation. Instead we demand our clients be open to change, recognise the importance of personal marketing and be motivated to build career success based on integrity and the application of your genuine personal strengths and passions.


If this sounds like you or you are interested in having Gillian speak on Personal Branding at your event or conference call Gill today on +617 3824 5200 or visit us at http:www.careeredge.com.au



What do I do? That’s simple – through personal branding I make sure ‘great’ Australian professionals get known and rewarded for it!”















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