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Profiting from Small Talk – What’s Your Party Elevator Pitch?

So what do you do?

 We hear it all the time. Everytime you are left with someone you don’t know at a party, networking function    or get together this is the guaranteed small talk opener.     Yet how many of us give our occupation as our stock standard response and overlook the powerful personal branding opportunity this presents us?

Just think how many times in your life you have already missed the chance to build your personal brand? To let people in on what makes you tick, what you offer and how well you do it. To set the scene for others to become your personal marketing agents through social word of mouth and referrals.

Now before you go off with pen in hand to write your party spiel remember the ‘party’ elevator pitch shouldn’t be a hard-sell. Nothing clears a room at a party faster than an full blown sales spiel. Instead tone down your personal brand statement into something softer. Develop a simple but engaging 30 second response that will entice them to ask more but still showcases what it is you offer. In short, it should be no more than a few sentences and it should be able to be understood by a 12 year old.

For example my elevator pitch goes something like this.

Party Goer: So what do you do Gill?

Gill: I’m a personal branding consultant. Basically I help ‘great’ professionals get recognised and rewarded for it in the workplace. Everyone does something really well but most people have trouble selling themselves to others. So that’s what I help with. I assist people to find and promote their talents in the workplace. 

Now no matter whether you run your own business or are employed by a major organisation you should own a spiel that you can rattle off casually but that is designed to sell you. If you are in I.T., maybe your spiel would talk about how you design technology solutions for small business owners that make operating their business easier.      If you are a florist perhaps your passion for flowers has led you to design floral arrangements that creatively reflect the personality of the recipients.

Whatever you brand, sell it consistently and passionately and you may find that your Saturday evening socialising becomes a pathway to opportunity and prosperity. 

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