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Gillian Kelly Interviewed on Personal Branding with BNet

Looking for some more tips to build your personal brand. Don’t miss my podcast on Personal Branding for the CBS business site BNET.com. You can listen to it here.

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What does Your Personal Brand Wordle Look Like?

I just heard about this super cool application, Wordle, from an industry colleugue, and I immediately loved it. Basically it gives you a ‘visual wordmap’ or ‘word cloud’ of a document or text by analysing the most common words. Of course I immediately wanted to see what my personal brand would look like in this format, so I revisted my original personal branding profile complete with my goals, values, vision, passions and atrributes, along with my personal brand story. Click here to see the result Personal Branding by Gillian Kelly.

Try it for yourself.



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Six Figures – Job Board Innovations

In the past I have always been wary of job boards and job seekers reliance on them as a significant part of job search strategy.  All too often I’ve heard job seekers complain that they can’t get any decent information on the jobs they are interested in and more often than not they never hear back. Even more worrying, has been the dangers associated with job boards in the past with applicant’s privacy.  

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now seen a job board that has changed my mind.

I came across Six Figures in an industry journal and I was so intrigued by their fresh approach that I picked up the phone and called the Director to find out more about it.  I’m always looking for good resources for my clients and after meeting with the Directors Kelly Magowan and Karen Jenkin, I was even more impressed and I’ll tell you why –

1. This site only offers genuine vacancies. All jobs are vetted to make sure they are real, ensuring candidates aren’t wasting their time.  

2. The site is targeted. Too many sites try to be everything to everyone and just end up failing all round. Six Figures has a clear focus and specialises on six figure appointments.  This focus ensures better matched services for both employers and applicants, enhancing both the employers and candidates experiences.

3. The service understands that  to make a decision on a candidate requires strong information on their skills, values and aspirations. Six Figures realises that both candidates and companies need strong brands for success and offers support and tools to do this.

Since this meeting in 2008, I have since gone on to build a sustained relationship with Kelly and Karen built on my respect for  their skills and our shared vision of the future for career development and job search in Australia. In fact I was so impressed that I agreed for the first time to partner with a ‘job board’ and I now offer Resume Appraisals to members of the Six Figures site. For those of you not familiar with the Six Figures site I encourage you have a look – you are bound to be impressed.

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