Brand Caution – Navigating a World of Instant Visibility

In the new world of work, instant visibility is both a blessing and a curse.  Everyday we are faced with endless opportunities to grow or damage our brand.

Blogs, tweets, social media interactions and other online vehicles all bring new and rapidly unfolding ways to leave our mark, share our expertise and bare our thoughts.

However just as many are finding the confidence to dip their toe into the online ocean, others are finding ways to use or exploit it. Predators in identity fraud are sifting through our personal information looking for weak spots, new intelligence businesses are trawling social networks for commercially sensitive information to sell to rival companies, and recruiters and employers are checking our digital dirt looking for past indiscretions.  So how do you manage the risks while taking the critical steps to building that all important visibility in today’s workplace?

1. Manage your privacy settings. Take the time to check and recheck your Privacy settings on any social media you are using. This way you can control who sees your personal information.

2. Never drink and tweet.  What you said last night after a few wines never looks as funny the next day.

3. Google yourself regularly to ensure no-one has published anything about you that is untrue or damaging to your brand.

4. Think before your press the post or submit button.  Recheck what you have written to make sure what you want to say is being conveyed correctly.

5. Avoid saying anything derogatory about others that may see you caught up in legal action.

6. Never reveal anything in your social media that will have you in breach of company policy.

Finally remember putting yourself out there in the cyber-world will enable you to build your brand but will also occasionally bring others who disagree with you and your opinions. Manage these people with grace and dignity and if all else fails – block them.

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